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Jonny: My Autobiography


I have been lucky enough to be given the chance to write a few books during my career and I have just finished my autobiography, which is on sale now. It's called "Jonny" which seemed like the most apt title and also the best one after many failed attempts at coming up with something clever.

I worked on this one with a friend and journalist named Owen Slott. I would have liked to write it myself like I did my last book "tackling life" but unfortunately there wasn't time. To do so I think would have probably taken me years! Owen has done a fantastic job on the book and I say this with huge admiration because I know it can't have been easy working with me on such a project.

A major topic in the book is my obsessive nature and perfectionist side, which do tend to surface when something becomes important to me. Getting this book "right" has been the very top priority and there has been no room for compromise. Headline publishers, who have looked after me amazingly over the years, have told me on a few occasions that they have never seen such a dedication to an autobiography from a sportsman. Deep down I imagine it must have been incredibly frustrating for them and Owen, but the end result is one I am definitely proud of and truly happy with.

My Autobiography is one I have made very open and very honest. I have tried to let people into the world in which we operate and into what it's really all been about for me. The journey I have been on and the path I have trodden so far has been full of major ups and downs, highs and lows and it's only really now that I can see how much I have changed along the way. One thing that has not changed though has been the support I have received from all those around me, including you guys, and for that I am ridiculously grateful. If you get a chance to read it yourselves I sincerely hope that this is a sentiment that hits home. I also hope you really enjoy it.

I wrote my first book "Lions and Falcons" way back in 2001 (over ten years ago!!!) which was a diary of a brilliant year and told of a Cup winning season with Newcastle Falcons, A Six Nations Championship win with England and a massively tense, exciting and enjoyable Lions tour down in Australia which we came so close to making ours.

My next one was called "My World" and was more of a revealing picture book looking at The World Cup in 2003 and what a crazy experience it was. This one is definitely one of the most interesting for me now as I look back. I realise how much those events of that fabulous year affected me.

Following this and during my heavily injured period I wrote a coaching style book "How to play rugby my way" which looked at putting forward some hopefully insightful and undoubtedly thorough tips and theories on everything from all types of kicking, running, passing, tackling, attacking and defending. I wanted to give as much of my knowledge away as possible. I also wanted to make it equally accessible to people of all ages. Needless to say I was particularly fussy over this one.

Then came "Tackling Life" which I wrote again myself and is a hugely positive take on my learning lessons from rugby which can be applied to situations in every day life on or off the sporting field. Tackling life takes a great deal of influence and inspiration from my spiritual transformation during the darker injury years. I also worked with Blackie on this book and he wrote a great deal of it with me. The guy knows so much about teams and making them successful that it was a joy to have his input. My favourite part of "Tackling Life" though was the big emphasis on dealing with perceived set backs and working towards being the best you can be. Not such a bad thing.

Anyway, now you have the low down on all the books I have been authored. This information could well come in handy for where to head next time you go to the bookshop and what to look for (or what specifically to avoid).

Hope you're all well.


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Posted by Jonny Wilkinson on 5 December 2011

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